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A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning is a guide book that acquaints students and aspirants appearing for many public service competitive examinations with the format and types of questions that are put by examiners to test logical reasoning.

Competitive examinations held by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), those conducted by banks, railway recruitment boards, common admission tests held by IIMs and several others, do include a must do section which has questions that test the ability of logical reasoning of the candidate appearing for the examination.

Dr Aggarwal with many years of experience behind him in teaching and writing books for competitive purposes, has laid out a vast question bank that includes some questions which have been asked in earlier years to present what type of questions are likely to be asked.

The book comprises of complete sets of logical reasoning questions with solutions. These sets of questions can help the student in cracking tough examinations. The author presents a modern approach to tackling all the reasoning problems posed.

The book has been divided into different sections. Where the first chapter deals with logic, the second guides students about statements and their valid arguments and inferences. The third chapter is about assumptions and statements, the fourth chapter deals with statements and their course of actions. The fifth chapter teaches students about statements and conclusions and the sixth chapter lays out guidelines for deriving the right conclusion from a passage or statement. The seventh chapter is about theme and detection, the eight chapter is about statements and questions and the final chapter is about miscellaneous logical puzzles.

Each exercise and tricky problem has some hints and tips included about how to solve it and many students in the past years have greatly benefited from it. The book is in English and was first published in 2007.

About the Author:

Born in Delhi in 1946, R.S. Agarwal is an alumnus of Kirori Mal College, Delhi. He had been a lecturer at Nanak Chand Anglo Sanskrit College (NAS) in Meerut and later on a fellowship went onto complete his Ph.D. from Delhi University. Before moving to MMH, he was a Reader at NAS, Meerut. Dr Aggarwal has authored about 75 books on Mathematics, Quantative Reasoning and other subject for school students and for those appearing for competitive examinations.


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