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GMAT CAT: 2000 Edition CAT

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GMAT CAT: 2000 Edition -
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Product Description

GMAT CAT 2000 is one of the smartest investments you'll ever make. Here's why.

The MBA and related degrees are hot tickets, and your GMAT score is the most important determinant of whether you're ushered into the front row center of the orchestra or wind up searching for a seat in the last row of the second balcony.

Even a small difference in your GMAT score can make a large difference in where you go to school; where you go to school determines what job offers you get; and the right position is key to long-term success.

GMAT CAT 2000 gives you the power to leverage your future. You get self-diagnostic tools, in-depth subject reviews of all GMAT topics (math, verbal, analytical writing), powerful test-taking strategies, and a variety of reinforcement tools to give you mastery of all GMAT subjects and help you track your progress. The book also includes a complete math review (for those who need it) and invaluable advice on creating a winning B-school application.

The author, Thomas H. Martinson, is the nation's pre-eminent authority on GMAT preparation. A graduate of the Harvard Law School and a founding partner of one of the oldest GMAT preparation firms in the country, Professor Martinson has published nearly three dozen full-length test preparation books, and his course materials are used by over 300 colleges and universities throughout the country and internationally.

ARCO is America's leading publisher of test guides. Its 60 years of helping test-takers raise their scores makes it the longest running and most reliable authority in the field. ARCO's bestselling study guides and software have been used successfully by more than 50 million test-takers.

In short, GMAT CAT 2000 is the one guide you can't afford not to own.


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