AL HIRA English high school

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MRA CHARITABLE TRUST is a registered educational organisation whose prime intention is to invite the slaves of ALLAH towards their innate (natural) deen that is the deen of ALLAH. And to make the knowledge of Islam reach the masses so that Islam does not merely remain as a concept but is put into proper practice too.

As a part of our publication, MRA CHARITABLE TRUST has prepared a unique and easy pattern for learning the arabic language specially for children (of K.G classes and std 1st to std 7th). This Arabic course is unique in itself as it was prepared considering the age and mentality of a child make it very effective as well as easy to learn and lessons are divided as per their level of understanding.

Besides this, considering the interest of children’s, colorful pictures have also been added taking precaution not to add haram images of living beings. We firmly believe that this will make reading, writing and speaking of arabic language very easy and help our children to read and understand Qur’an as well as hadith.

To add to our achievement, we are glad to announce that very soon InshAllah, we shall publish our work on Islamic studies. In preparing this syllabus for Islamic studies, we wish to explain Islam on a scientific and logical basis. And present Islam in such a way that even a child can grasp the basic concepts of Islam and also understand the oneness of ALLAH, his attributes through simple examples from our worldly life.

With such efforts, InshAllah we will be successful in changing the individual as well as community lives according to the principles of Islam. It will also have deep impact upon our ibada’at, our understanding of haram and halal things and soon we shall be assured enough to live a life which will please almighty ALLAH .

AL HIRA English high school is an other university. It is located at Vali Ladji Stable, Amba Pada Road Sanjay Nagar Pathan wadi Malad (E) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Vali Ladji Stable, Amba Pada Road Sanjay Nagar Pathan wadi Malad (E)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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