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About Shaalaa.com

Shaalaa means School in Sanskrit . We are here to provide student community with the resources they would need. Age is no bar in studying and also with our site.

Currently we are India's largest and most popular university question papers website. Shaalaa.com currently host question papers for 21 universities. The number of Universities with shaalaa.com is continuously growing. Shaalaa.com host question papers for various universities - free and also students don't have to pay anything.

Students and teachers provide question papers of their university to shaalaa.com helping to create a database for their university. This is done by sending a email of the scan question papers to questionpapers(at)shaalaa.com. We encourage you also to do so.

Shaalaa.com is also a place to practice for entrance exams like CAT, GMAT .... You can practice online to get aware with the way the exam works and also practice quality question. This feature can help you increase your scores for exams like CAT and GMAT.

We also have a educational store. We look forward to build a larger community of students. For this feel free to write to us for adding any type of resource or feature you would want @ shaalaa.com contact

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